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Dale Kunce - Humanitarian OpenStreetMap at the Red Cross: The Inside Story

Over the last three years, the American Red Cross' International Services Department went from a geospatially unaware institution to an active user, contributor, and advocate of OpenStreetMap and geospatial technologies for its humanitarian responses and long-term programs. Everywhere it works, OSM is becoming the first-choice map and data layer employed to orient Red Cross teams.

And the Red Cross is not just users, but also contributors. In Uganda, Colombia, Indonesia, Argentina, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the American Red Cross remotely maps disaster prone communities and ongoing disaster sites to assist on the ground response teams. In Chile, Uganda, Indonesia and Nepal, they train and equip OSM field teams within Red Cross National Societies capable of mapping communities we preparing for disasters. Back in the U.S., they've engaged Tulane and George Washington University students to remotely map priority project sites around the world.

This team owes its successes entirely to the good will and assistance of the OSM community. This presentation will fling the doors wide open and show the Red Cross' OSM accomplishments and their roadmap for the future. Recommended for anyone interested in seeing how OSM can benefit international humanitarian organizations.

State of the Map US San Francisco 2013


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